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Win Geeky Stuff

Every month we will be giving our website visitors a chance to win a free nerdy prize. We already purchased the prizes and have them sitting on our shelf, taunting us as they sit there unopened and waiting for use.  At the beginning of the month we will announce which 5 prizes are up for grabs.  Visitors will have till the end of the month to enter the giveaway. On the last day of the month we will draw one lucky winner.  That winner will get to choose which one of the 5 geeky nerd prizes they want and we will ship it to them absolutely free.  Once we know which prize the winner has chosen, we will announce a new contest giveaway with a new prize to replace the one that was already taken.

Why are we doing this? For two reasons. The first is it's a lot of fun and we enjoy seeing everyone get excited about it on social media.  The second is to raise awareness about our store. We hope that by running this prize giveaway more people will come to NerdFactory and more people will check out some of our awesome t-shirts and more. Your information will never be sold or given to another company. You will have the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter but it is not required. This is a completely legitimate opportunity to win a free prize every month.