A long time ago, in a galaxy pretty darn close to us, there lived a couple of nerds.  These nerds would good friends and embraced the geeky life. They grew up watching Star Wars, Transformers and GI-Joe. When they weren't watching movies they were playing board games, Dungeons and Dragons or reading comic books.

They got older, got jobs, hated it and decided to start their own company.  Nerd Factory, as you may have guessed, is that company. We are super excited to bring our passion to life on the web and bring you the best nerd merchandise we can create.  All of the merchandise that we sell and ship is printed by Giant Robo Printing, a print shop that's right down the street from where we live.  They are awesome and fit right in when we talk to them about our next geeky project.  Check them out at https://www.giantroboprinting.com

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